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ShopWatch digital surveillance integrated with POS to reduce shrinkage

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COMMUNITECH Pty Ltd has introduced a new release of its ShopWatch digital software solution aimed at retailers facing the increasing battle against internal shrinkage.

ShopWatch is a powerful tool to search and view transaction data that is time-linked with video recordings of the transaction activities.

Combine this add-on to an existing CCTV cameras to provide a total solution to handle video surveillance for protection against theft, and integration with transactions for clear evidence of fraud or errors.

By managing the problems of fraud and theft head-on, the number one cause of financial loss in retail businesses can be reduced significantly.

Suspicious transactions often are not innocent human error, but a systematic skimming of inventory, cash and profits.

Retailers and banks no longer have to search separately in transaction systems and video to find evidence of fraud with the new ShopWatch.

ShopWatch speeds up investigations to determine fraud by integrating video surveillance images with Point Of Sale (POS) or Automatic Teller Machine transaction data: 1-to-1 correspondence of images to transactions.

Simultaneous displays of receipt details with high quality video recordings of the events in action visually verify what really happened.

Whether the problem is internal or external perpetrators, users can quickly search and view the data from their transaction system linked with video evidence to determine the cause of exceptions.

Stored in a local or central database, it is easy to find suspicious transactions with just a click of the mouse.

ShopWatch offers several user interfaces: access the system from a central office, branch location, from home or when travelling.

Combine ShopWatch software with network cameras and managers can have peace of mind - monitor what is happening at the click of a mouse from home, at the office, or while overseas.

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