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Omnivex Digital Signage Software launched in Australia

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Omnivex Digital Signage software has been installed in many high profile situations; from Convention Centres and large hotel groups to corporate buildings, airports and retail shopping centres to deliver information and entertainment economically and effectively.

By ulitising Omnivex Software for your digital signage system you can take advantage of live news, weather, date and time information to keep your screens relevant and customers informed and entertained.

Today’s digital signage systems need to include rich, high-resolution media, real-time information and the intelligence to automatically react to dynamic data and external conditions.

Omnivex software solution not only addresses all these, has an easy to use interface for the management of content, also provides the tools to control and monitor remote devices and to acquire and distribute real-time data from multiple sources. The scalable nature of the software means you only purchase what you need and upgrade to the extra modules in the future.

Omnivex digital signage software is used by over 500 customers around the world and provides the necessary tools to centrally manage content for an effective digital signage system.

Electronic signage is the way of the future, with even more installations and integration with kiosks for customer interaction. Video text and audio can be displayed in high resolution on large format LCD displays. Both content and playlists can be managed remotely via Ethernet, and schedules prepared in advance.

Reuters World Headquarters recently installed Omnivex digital signage software as part of their new facility at Canary Wharf in East London – fitted with indoor LED displays, indoor LCD and Plasma panels, showing a combination of Reuters news, headlines, stories and pictures in conjunction with financial data, internal communication messages and multimedia presentations, in addition the 100m outdoor LED ticker wraps around the building showing a steady stream of Reuters news headlines and financial data from around the world.

Gary Else, General Manager of Communitech said, “We have looked at many of the Digital Signage offerings available, but until we found Omnivex we could not find a product that met our criteria. Omnivex Digital Signage software is different from other products. Whereas other products come from a graphics background, Omnivex has its genesis in the world of data and mission critical information display, it is designed from the ground up with business functionality in mind.

“Omnivex software not only adds power and flexibility to your digital signage, it saves an incredible amount of time, therefore dramatically reducing the cost of operation and therefore (TCO) Total Cost of Ownership.

“It can cut a one hour job, to one minute or even fully automate the process.

“Overall, I found it to be not only strong, robust and reliable but also very easy to use, I would say the Omnivex Digital Signage software is head and shoulders above the rest.”

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