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Omnivex DataPipe 3 data management solution from Communitech

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Data is available in many forms from information contained within Databases, Excel spreadsheets, RSS and XML feeds, data is all around us.

The Omnivex DataPipe 3 is the complete data management solution.

Omnivex DataPipe 3 available from Communitech allows you to acquire data from virtually any source to be included and displayed into your digital signage.

Using Omnivex software your digital signage display can include sales figures, inventory levels, operational statistics, live charts, real time financial data, news, weather, web services and RSS feeds to name a few.

Existing data sources can be accessed easily and readily using Omnivex applications.

  • CalendarLink: Schedule and display OutLook calendar items
  • SQLLink: Acquire data directly from SQL databases via ODBC connection
  • DataPipe client: Users can add and modify data in DataPipe server. Share and access data in Excel; live charting, schedules, timetables and more can be accessed
  • XMLLink: Acquire and sort data from XML and RSS feeds
  • WebPad 2: Centrally manage contributions from multiple users
  • ThermoLink 2: Display live temperature
  • IOLink: Trigger presentations by events
  • RFIDLink: RFID interface

Acquire Data: From SQL statements, XML, Excel spreadsheets, web services, client and web-based text messages, motion sensors, RFID readers, phone switches, manufacturing equipment, touch screens, and data feeds

Contribute: As the data changes at the source, it automatically changes at the screen. Presentation formatted by colour, size, font, static, sequenced and scrolled

Distribute: Data distributed in real time. Automatic reconnection, servers can be clustered, primary/secondary redundancy and master/slave distribution

Interact: Trigger changes to content, control advertising frequency, interrupt for emergency messages, turn screens on and off, play sounds and activate relays

Monitor: Tools to ensure data is updated, clients are connected, computers are accessible. Appropriate alerts raised if a problem is detected

Report: All activity can be logged, generate usage reports and audit trails specific item changes and client connection status, Interface to standard monitoring tools

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