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Integrate Outlook Calendar in Digital Signage

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Many companies today use Microsoft Outlook to manage schedules within their businesses, schedule events and share information.

Omnivex CalendarLink is a data querying application that retrieves scheduling data from multiple calendars in Microsoft Exchange Server for use with other Omnivex applications.

Omnivex CalendarLink allows you to easily leverage this information to inform visitors or communicate to your employees.

With Omnivex CalendarLink, you can retrieve information from multiple calendars within your Microsoft Exchange Server for use in your digital signage network.

As information changes, CalendarLink automatically updates your network to either display new information or react to changes.

When you use Omnivex CalendarLink, your Microsoft Outlook calendars are available to your digital signage network through Omnivex’s DataPipe management system.

You do not have to know anything about operating a Microsoft Exchange Server or the calendar retrieving protocol in order to use CalendarLink. Omnivex gives you an easy to use interface to your data.

All you have to do is select the data you want to share and click on where you want that information to go within DataPipe, the software does the rest.

DataPipe will even allow you to combine live information from other sources and relay the appropriate information to Omnivex applications driving digital display devices.


  • Automatic updates makes sure that scheduling changes are instantly recognised and a response occurs without human intervention, reducing labour costs and ensuring accuracy by eliminating keying errors
  • Easy to view activities in calendar mode or lists
  • Create filters to ignore erroneous data, only show information that is important to your viewer
  • Specify progressing date ranges limiting searches around the current time or specify a calendar date range
  • Appointments from multiple calendars can be merged together and delivered simultaneously
  • Ability to cache results in case of an exchange server failure
  • Log status information to ensure network uptime

Calendar information can be displayed as part of your content or may be used to trigger events or content changes through the appropriate Omnivex application.

Omnivex Digital Signage Software is available in Australia and New Zealand from Communitech.

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