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Communitech and Omnivex Digital Signage software benefit Australian companies

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Communitech  provide Omnivex Digital signage platform, which helps to transform corporate information into multimedia content to the workforce. The content is presented on a system of LCD displays placed in high traffic locations.

Communitech have listed down some of the benefits the Australian companies experienced by using Omnivex Digital signage platform:

O-i Glass needed a way of measuring and reporting on usage throughout the plant and displaying line productivity along with power, water and other inputs. The benefit with the system is with one glance users can see what is happening with each individual production line. Spikes and falls are easily seen and are managed. The digital signage platform helped the teams to prepare and manage production lines.

Rio Tinto needed to communicate to a diverse range of people at various locations. With Omnivex Digital Signage, the team can easily see the current production together with the expected production and also Rio Tinto current news and events. The digital signage platform improved the team collaboration and communication.

Philip Morris International (Melbourne) have a large workforce, and communicating as a whole and aligning corporate objectives was difficult. The sales team, and the production team had different targets and measurements, and did not know what each other were doing and communication became fragmented. Installation of Omnivex Digital Signage software throughout the complex improved team collaboration. Meeting room calendars are also co-ordinated and displayed with the Omnivex Outlook calendar Link.

The Omnivex Digital Signage Software’s multizone capabilities allow individual screens to show a combination of common and unique content. For example, the content shown in the reception office may include news and weather information, while screens in the meeting rooms may focus on upcoming meetings from outlook calendar. However both screens may show a common message on corporate objectives such as days lost to injury and current sales and targets.

Organisations have learned that employee productivity increases significantly when pertinent information is presented to them at strategic locations. If employees see progress against clearly identified operational goals on large format displays, then they can make smarter decisions, and everyone can work on the same page and corporate objectives can be aligned.

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