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Ezi-Glide (Base Mounted Track) - office mobile storage system

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COMMANDO Storage Systems Australia has launched the innovative new Base Mounted Track "Ezi-Glide" Office Mobile Storage System.

The Mobile Shelving System is perfect for maximising the space available in the home or office where it is needed most.

The Ezi-Glide Office Mobile Storage System features an adjustable independent base tracking system, which makes the system very easy to install and also very easy to relocate at a later date.

The product is made from high load bearing capacity steel, which also incorporates an adjustable self based tracking system that allows the track to be re-levelled after the system has been installed.

The Ezi-Glide Office Mobile Storage System incorporates a number of OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) features including:

* Adjustable independent base

The independent base provides a platform for the user to stand on when using the system and can be re-levelled even when the system has been fully installed.

* Large diameter wheels

Unlike other mobile storage systems, the Ezi-Glide incorporates large diameter 1-2t wheels, which makes the system move with absolute ease, hence the name Ezi-Glide.

* Anti-tilt mechanism

The system also includes an anti-tilt mechanism for stability purposes to prevent the mobiles from tipping.

* Mechanically assisted option

The Ezi-Glide Mobile Storage System also provides the ingenious option of a mechanically assisted handle to make the system move with absolute ease.

The operation of the system is as simple as the turn of a handle. The large diameter wheels, the ergonomic hand wheel and the technology of the mechanically assisted drive option makes the Ezi-Glide the easiest mobile storage system to move on the market.

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