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New line of "Shorty" collet chucks

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article image Shortest possible gauge length.

COMMAND Tooling Systems has released a new line of "Shorty" collet chucks for tool shank diameters from .079 to .787". Because of their extremely short projection, users can maximise workpiece size.

Tests have shown an increase in machining parameters (feeds and speeds) of almost three times over conventional collet chucks.

The new chucks are available in 40 V and 50 V styles to the ANSI V and 40 BT. The units feature a near flush collet nut that virtually eliminates tool overhang, improving accuracy while greatly enhancing tool rigidity.

Collet pockets are concentric to the spindle taper to .0002" TIR precisely placing tool on spindle centerline. Taper tolerances are AT3 or better.

The chucks have a recessed nosepiece design resulting in the shortest possible gauge length on the market today. This makes the 'Shorty' ideal for small vertical machining centers and multiplex turning machines.

Command Tooling Systems is a technology leader in toolholder manufacturing for high-precision machining operations serving many industries, including automotive, aerospace, computer, defense, electronic, job sho,p and medical equipment.

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