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High speed machining solutions enhance productivity

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article image Command’s high speed tooling solutions.

COMMAND Tooling Systems has expanded its high-speed productivity line with new balancing equipment, additions to the company's ThermoLock Shrink Fit toolholder line, and URMA MicroMax and VersaMax balanceable boring heads.

These solutions are engineered for the highest degree of balance for improved accuracy and outstanding performance at high speeds and for machining extremely hard materials.

The new balancing equipment is available with either one or two-plane measuring capabilities. The setup software features a help screen - as well as laser marking - to identify the exact location of unbalance on the toolholder.

Software allows for balancing methods including balancing rings, or basic drilling for metal removal.

The unit comes with one standard clamping spindle, in CT 40, CT 50, HSK 40 or HSK 63 Forms A through F. Additional clamping spindles can be installed easily.

ThermoLock shrink fit toolholders offer the advanced TIR level and 360-degree concentric gripping power. Command has announced expansion to its line of holders including straight shank extensions, HSK 40A, HSK 40E, HSK 63F, HSK 100 and a range of small diameters holders down to 1/8" or 3mm.

Ideal for precision and high production demands, ThermoLock toolholders use no set screws or collets to lock the cutting tool into the holder. Command has also introduced an economical tool change machine that can quickly load carbide or high speed steel cutters into the holder by inductive heating to expand the holder bore.

The speed cooling feature of the machine ensures consistent cooling around the entire bore, minimising runout. The machine features a rotating three-station design for expedient tool change heating and cooling.

URMA MicroMax and VersaMax boring heads, capable of limited residual imbalance to as low as 10g/mm, virtually eliminate vibration for high-speed productivity at any speed up to 20,000rpm.

MicroMax is offered for bore sizes from .040" to 1.575". Bore size is set by selecting the diameter on the dial in increments of .0001". For increased accuracy, the matching bore diameter is selected on one of two calibration collars -- either the carbide or the steel boring bar scale -- depending on the type of boring bar being used.

VersaMax is for larger diameter high-speed boring applications in bore sizes from .787" to 2.638". The head is set by simply positioning the calibrated balance adjustment rings to match the desired bore diameter.

In both heads, the bore diameter settings can be adjusted to .0002" accuracy on diameter, with virtually no backlash. Urma boring heads are designed for through-the-spindle coolant with internal passageways to deliver cutting fluid directly to the cutting area without contaminating the adjustment mechanisms.

Command stocks a full range of toolholders, inserts, and components- along with the widest range of carbide and steel boring bars- to optimise boring productivity with the balanceable MicroMax and VersaMax boring system.

To cut finish times by 50%, 5 degree finishing insert cartridges have been introduced so that MicroMax, VersaMax, and IntraMax fine boring heads can utilise wiper inserts.

URMA MicroMax and VersaMax heads are adaptable with either the original Alpha Modul threaded connection or the "quick change" Beta Modul connection to the toolholder adaptors, and work seamlessly with most popular machining centres including those with HSK 63A and 100A, V-Flange and BT tooling.

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