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High-speed machining demos at IMTS

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article image Shrink-Fit holder and URMA reamer.

COMMAND Tooling Systems' high-speed machining demo at IMTS 2006 allowed visitors to experience the difference between ThermoLock holders and conventional toolholders, the benefits of balanceable boring heads, and the difference between single-point boring vs new reaming technology.

In addition to the high-speed machining center, Command also demonstrated four new shrink-fit tool changers and an expanded line of balancing machines.

"With the industry's increasing demand for faster spindle speeds, the importance of precise balance dramatically impacts tool life, spindle performance and surface finish," Command’s Robert Dunlap said.

"Our goal is to bring the highest standards for balanced toolholders to our customers' operations because properly balanced tools improve the machine's overall performance."

Command also demonstrated its expanded line of ThermoLock Shrink-Fit holders, including fractional and metric, HSK, BT, CT and DIN, in addition to the new 3-degree tapered nose extensions, as well as the latest URMA reamers that feature throwaway wafer technology minimising setup time.

URMA boring heads were used in demonstration, from the versatile VersaMax to the one-pass rough and finish capability of the IntraMax, and the micro-adjustable MicroMax.

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