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Digiset 6 presetter introduced by Command Tooling

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Command Tooling Systems ’ new Digiset 6 presetter provides increased productivity and streamlined setups for precision machining.

The Digiset 6 makes presetting boring and milling tools quick and easy with an intuitive control system and software.

The ergonomic design of Command’s presetter also contributes to ease of operation. In addition, presetting increases accuracy, optimises part quality, and maximises tool performance and life.

Digiset 6 features powerful, high quality digital camera imaging that shows measuring results instantly on the on-board color display.

Now operators can manage up to 1,000 tools simultaneously and choose from programs that perform axial and radial runout inspection, cutting edge inspection, zero point monitoring and measurement of multi-bladed tools.

Digiset 6 is also incredibly easy to use. Image controller software offers simple push and click selection for gathering pertinent information regarding the cutting tool. Symbols and a short description explain the selection made.

Other features include pneumatic indexing, memory for 99 zero points, adjustable lighting for optimal viewing quality and a memory stick for easy updating.

Two models are available: Digiset 6 Model 400 with 15.75" x 15.75" (400mm x 400mm) measuring range and Digiset 6 model 600 with large 15.75" x 23.62" (400mm x 600mm) measuring range.

Both models feature a compact design and offer a complete package including the presetter with cutting edge inspection, table and printer.

Command Tooling Systems, the leading Toolholder manufacturer, produces products for high-precision machining operations in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, computer, defense, electronic, job shop and medical equipment.

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