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Tasmania Fire Service selects ComOps for Safety and Hazard Reporting Program

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ComOps , an Australasian provider of business software products and services, has won a contract to deploy its safety and risk management reporting software at the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS).

The AWS software from ComOps will enable TFS to automate hazard and accident recording and generate detailed reports in support of the organisation’s training requirements in overall occupational health and safety (OHS) and risk management.

The ComOps software solution replaces the manual reporting system which was unable to support real-time analysis for up to 200 incident reports generated annually. TFS has recently undertaken benchmarking with other organisations and now requires statistical information to compare incident reporting with other emergency services on an ongoing and timely basis.

“Being manually-based, our previous system was increasingly unable to locate, record and analyse hazard and accident reporting in real time.  As a result, management lacked confidence in the system’s ability to adequately support the organisation’s safety systems in the future.  Being so focused on hard copy, paper reporting, our old system was simply unable to rapidly manipulate the data we required,” said John Green, Senior Project Officer, TFS.

ComOps was selected following a market review and was chosen based on its modular architecture, ease of configuration and breadth of successful deployment in the emergency services sector.  

“Initially, our corporate direction was to try and improve our existing system however it did no meet our needs. We needed a specialist occupation health and safety system.  The ComOps solution came up as one of the best systems on the market as it was web-based, modular and we could easily configure the solution for our own particular requirements.  We were also impressed with the organisation’s strength and heritage of success in the emergency services market,” said Green.

The TFS is the operational arm of the State Fire Commission and was created in 1979 through the amalgamation of the State Fire Authority, the Rural Fires Board and 22 urban fire brigade boards. The TFS includes over 230 fire brigades across Tasmania and are comprised of around 250 career firefighters and approximately 4,800 volunteer firefighters. 

“As the solution is web-based, our management team will be able to access the intranet and see the progress of hazard and accident reporting for all our employees, while individuals will be able to review the status of their individual reports.  This will be of major benefit in particular for remote staff members. 

Deployment of the safety and risk management reporting software will commence next month with the system fully operational by the end of the current calendar year. 

“Once the solution is fully deployed and more and more people within the TFS gain confidence in its benefits, we hope to see wider reporting of near miss incidents and greater accuracy of the information within those reports which will enable us to fix hazards before they evolve into major accidents.

“The TFS places great importance on ensuring our people are protected from injury by not just having the best available personal protective equipment but continuous training and effective occupational health and safety programs and practices. Indeed, the role of firefighter requires our employees to respond to emergencies and sometimes work in potentially hazardous situations. ComOps will play a key role in support of a safe work place where people are able to fulfil their potential and contribute to the achievement of our goals,” said Green.

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