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Reducing Injury Heads List of OHS Concerns Facing Australian Organisations in 2010 - ComOps

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According to a survey conducted by ComOps , reducing injuries, risk management and avoiding legal proceedings are the major occupational health, safety (OHS) and risk management concerns facing more than 80% of Australian organizations as they head towards the new year.

More than 300 attendees at last month’s Safety Show in Sydney took part in the survey conducted by ComOps, an Australasian provider of business software products and services. 

The survey generated results that showed organizations are concerned about a variety of OHS issues including legal claims and compliance related activities, plant and equipment management, employee health, environmental management, training and productivity, and policies and procedures. Standardization and transparency of practices across the spectrum of OHS and risk activities was also important.

Further findings showed that issues relating to auditing, monitoring and management of OHS and risk activities were consistently nominated as being of high or critical concern by more than 60% of companies, with many organizations still struggling with their reporting, using a mixture of systems and practices.

44% of participants currently use OHS and risk management systems, while a smaller number use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, HR, payroll or in-house developed software. Half of the respondents also stated that their processes include manual or paper-based systems to monitor and analyze safety performance.

In an acknowledgement that a single, common approach would be beneficial, almost one third of the organizations (31%) stated that they intend to implement an OHS and risk management system. 60% of these organizations are looking to act within the year.

“The growth in interest in OHS and risk management systems is being driven by the realization that good OHS & risk practices are not only a compliance requirement. They reduce an organizations exposure to costly litigation and they contribute to the bottom line through improved productivity. This is what is causing a growing number of organizations to insist on rigorous OHS & risk compliance measures both internally and amongst partners up and down the supply chain,” says Moshe Woods, Sales Director - Australian Workplace Software, ComOps.  

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