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Cutters, pliers and soldering units from Coltronics Systems

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Coltronics Systems  is known for delivering and installing a range of semi-conductor processing equipment. Coltronics Systems also specialises in supplying solder wire, flux, cutters, pastes and rework tools.

Coltronics Systems offers semi-conductor equipment to a variety of research institutes, universities and government departments for defence and research. Solder wires, rework tools and fluxes are supplied by Coltronics Systems to small and medium scale electronics assembly companies.

The product line of Coltronics Systems includes, semi conductor products including, laboratory mask aligners, laboratory probers and laboratory annealing and CVD ovens, electronic products such as, lead cutters and pliers and air abrasives to name a few.

Automation products including vision systems and high precision sensors are available from Coltronics Systems. Coltronics Systems is known for supplying Cobar solder pastes, thinners, fluxes, cleaners and solder wires.

Xuron lead cutters and pliers including, pneumatic cutters, Micro shear economical cutters and Wickgun braid de-soldering mesh are also available from Coltronics Systems. These cutters are fast and easy to use and are commonly used in electronic workshops, universities and contract assembly repairs and rework.

Soldering and de-soldering units such as, soldering irons and stations, high power resistive soldering units and soldering iron square parts are supplied by Coltronics Systems. The high power soldering units are suitable for industrial soldering applications and soldering irons and stations are handled irons and are available with optional temperature control. These soldering units from Coltronics Systems are easy to use and maintain.

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