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Energy efficiency with Colt Piatra software

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A new software package from Colt International Pty Limited will show customers their factory’s energy performance and carbon footprint when different Colt products are installed.
Factory owners and operators are constantly looking for ways to make their buildings more energy efficient while reducing their carbon footprint without compromising comfort levels of personnel or the cooler temperatures required for production equipment and processes. 
Colt can help customers develop an energy efficient climate control solution for their manufacturing, processing or warehouse facilities.
Colt offers a range of products, which are more air tight, better insulated and energy efficient to reduce consumption. Colt products include the roof and wall mounted Firelight and Seefire ventilators, the ridge mounted Labyrinth ventilators and the water efficient and hygiene certified Coolstream evaporative coolers, all designed for factory air conditioning and ventilation applications.
To show customers the effectiveness of these products and the difference they can make to the factory building’s energy performance and carbon footprint, Colt developed a new software package called Piatra that would calculate the building’s energy usage and CO2 production when different Colt systems are installed. With Piatra, Colt customers can see to what extent Colt products can reduce their running costs and how quickly these savings will offset their initial investment.

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