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Colorpak installs CTP technology

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COLORPAK Packaging has installed the first computer-to-plate (CTP) device in Australia's folding carton industry. This unique solution, delivered by Esko Graphics and its Australian partner Print and Pack, also includes the first PlateDriver 8, Plato step-and-repeat work station, and a full NT work flow.

Colorpak is a pharmaceutical carton specialist in Australia, generally media shy. It prefers to get on with the job, rather than talk about it.

Colorpak director Alex Commins said by installing the CTP equipment, "getting on with the job" was exactly what Colorpak had done - as well as showing its long-term commitment to pharmaceutical packaging.

"It's vital that pharmaceutical packaging is precise," Mr Commins said.

"This CTP equipment has given us an enormous advantage in terms of maintaining control of our customers' jobs: from the moment they give us a disk, until the final carton is shipped out of the door."

Mr Commins said the more people involved in the supply chain, the greater exposure to risk of a mistake.

He said Colorpak's CTP system removed the need for a pharmaceutical company to audit a third party supplying film and plates.

"With CTP, that process is gone. We believe that gives our customers - the pharmaceutical manufacturer - a stronger, more secure service."

The CTP technology investment is in line with Colorpak's vision of remaining at the cutting edge of the folding carton industry.

"We are family business, and are committed to continually reinvesting our profits into the business to ensure Colorpak remains as a long-term, viable company."

Mr Commins said Colorpak was very happy with the full prepress solution.

Peter Henderson, regional manager for Esko Graphics, said the installation at Colorpak was unique for a couple of reasons.

"It's the first, fully NT work flow. The solution is running our core packaging software, PackEdge, enabling Colorpak to prepare customer files for prepress, with features such as trapping, file normalisation, bar-code generation colouration, and so forth.

"Colorpak was the first installation in Asia Pacific of a new product called Plato - a new step-and-repeat program especially designed for folding carton presses.

Plato is a very smart application for folding cartons. When cartons are laid next to each other, they have to have flaps up, flaps down; and it took a very unique and intelligent piece of software to do that."

Mr Henderson said the installation included Esko Graphics' Flex RIP/Flex Proof technology.

"This is our latest technology, which allows us to run to a number of devices at the same time, including CTP platesetters and a variety of proofers. This enables the user to get full data integrity to these devices.”

The Colorpak installation also includes a PlateDriver 8 - the first one in Australia. Mr Henderson said this was one of the fastest platesetters on the market, and had the ability to have five plate sizes on line automatically.

"It also has the ability to change lasers for different customers, as required, which allows the customer to have flexibility in choosing a plate supplier.”

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