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Safety buntings from ColorBrite Displays

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ColorBrite Displays  offers safety buntings which are commonly used to seal off a particular area or warn people of the potential hazards.

The safety buntings from ColorBrite Displays are used commonly in many industries and have a range of applications. These buntings are used widely in road works, mining, disaster, trenching, schools, fetes and events.

The safety buntings are used in building industries, civil engineering, construction industries, demolition and grading areas. The safety buntings from ColorBrite Displays are coloured reinforced vinyls which are supplied in 30 metres length.

These buntings are made with white polypropylene rope of 4mm diameter and the pennant flags are stitched to the reinforced vinyl. The unique feature of this bunting is the colour and the movement which provides high visibility to the people. These buntings can be easily seen and it is efficiently used as a warning signal.

The safety buntings can be used as a temporary barrier which can be easily removed and installed. These buntings are ultraviolet protected thus fading is reduced and are lightweight and flexible.

The buntings from ColorBrite Displays can be easily joined, fixed and lengthened with the use of white ropes with tie ends.

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