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Night Blinds from Coldshield

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Coldshield  Night Blinds help to minimise the amount or electricity used by open refrigerated cabinets in non-trading times.

Night blinds are an inexpensive solution to save energy, time and money. They add an air loss barrier which saves energy. Compressor running times are reduced. Product life is maximised. Rewraps are minimised. Hygiene of the cabinet and the product is increased.

Night Blinds don’t need any maintenance. Specially tempered material gives them years of positive roll up action and they don’t need springs or other mechanical devices.

In the case of blackouts, foodstuffs will be preserved. Night blinds are manufactured from polyester film and are perforated with tiny holes to allow condensation to escape and the case to breathe.

To suit both vertical and horizontal fridge and freezer cabinets, night blinds are available in both single and double action. They are suitable for Meat display, Produce cases, Dairy cases, Vertical cases, Chest type cases, and Beverage cabinet.

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