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Coldshield high speed doors for energy efficiency, safety and sustainability

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Coldshield  presents a range of high speed doors for industrial environments.

Designed for energy-efficiency, Coldshield high speed doors open faster and are completely sealed when closed, effectively reducing energy loss through doorways. The environmentally responsible use and recyclability of materials make these high speed doors sustainable. All components are regularly evaluated for hygiene and food compliance.

Coldshield also offers custom engineered solutions for doorway and industrial environment control to meet the varying size and specification of each installation. Modern manufacturing processes and equipment ensure Coldshield high speed doors are produced quickly and efficiently to high quality standards with complete attention to detail.

Given that forklifts can approach doors at speeds of up to 14km/h, fast opening is critical for efficient passage through the doorway without disaster. Coldshield high speed doors open at up to 2.5m/sec, gently closing once the traffic has passed through.

Key features of Coldshield high speed automatic doors:

  • ‘Soft-edge’ curtain design dramatically improves safety by eliminating the tensioned bottom bar and dangerous closing pressures traditionally found on conventional roll fast doors
  • Highly visible, softly sprung yellow bottom edge ensures the curtain will flex around an obstruction without crushing it
  • Self-monitoring safety beams provide protection against door closure while doorway is obstructed
  • Reliable operation in any environment with few wearing parts ensures minimal service requirements
  • Effective seal against air, temperature or insect transfer in the closed position with a full surround roll cover, and optional brush seals
  • All weather operation with the design maintaining uniform wind and pressure resistance
  • Suitable for indoor or exposed outdoor use
  • Soft-edge curtain design improves sealing against uneven floors
  • Unique crash relocation system reliably re-inserts the door curtain back into its guides, in the event of accidental impact during operation
  • Soft start and stop via variable speed control prevents premature fatigue of components
  • Full surround anodised aluminium roll cover and fascia and integrated brush seals option on fascia and guides
Coldshield high speed doors are available in various models to suit diverse application requirements and installation environments.

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