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Tile heating kits from Coldbuster Australia

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Coldbuster Australia  specialises in supplying a range of trade and retail flooring heating products. The range of flooring heating products available from Coldbuster Australia includes, Generation 4 floor heating products suitable for carpets and timber laminates and under tiles, heating accessories including, foot warmers, rug heaters and mirror demisters.

Automation controls for floor heating systems are also available from Coldbuster Australia. The floor heating systems and smart control systems from Coldbuster Australia are efficient in minimising energy wastes.

Coldbuster tile heating kits, Coldbuster carpet heating, rug heaters, caravan heater mats and Marmox insulations are available from Coldbuster Australia.

The tile heating kits from Coldbuster Australia are suitable for installation on concrete sub floors and suspended timber for use under hard surfaces such as, slate, ceramic tiles, limestone, terracotta, marbles, laminates, wood and vinyl and stone.

These tile heating kits are supplied with measuring work and cold tail connections tested and sealed, the pre-measured heaters are rolled out across the floor and is stuck using the self adhesive tape on the heaters.

The tile heating kits from Coldbuster Australia consist of factory terminated cold tail leads and heating elements which does not affect the floor levels. These tile heating kits can be installed easily without using any special tools.

The programmable thermostats supplied with the tile heating kits ensure maximum comfort control to the user. These kits are installed beneath the floor surface and the heating element used is double insulated thus ensuring protection against shock and fire. These are commonly used in commercial, residential and industrial applications.

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