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Carpet heating kits and rug heaters from Coldbuster Australia

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Carpet heating kits and rug heaters useful for providing comfort and warmth to the residences and offices are available from Coldbuster Australia .

Carpet heating panels from Coldbuster Australia is an electrical blanket which is fitted under carpets. These carpet heating kits are flexible and avoid heating under furniture with solid brass.

The carpet heating kits consist of pre-configured carpet heating panels, element and cold tail connections and factory terminated cold tail leads. These cold tail connections are entirely waterproofed and earthed.

The carpet heating kits are installed directly beneath the carpets, on top of the underlay and the heating elements are earthed and waterproofed thus offering full protection to the users against shock and fire hazards.

These carpet heating kits from Coldbuster Australia are widely used in apartments and houses, public buildings, universities, schools and halls and churches.

Rug heaters, useful for providing instant comfort under the rugs are also available from Coldbuster Australia. These rug heaters consume minimum energy, thus are economical than other heating appliances and are simple to install as it requires no tools for installation.

The rug heaters warm within 15 minutes and can be plugged into a standard 240 volts wall sockets. These rug heaters from Coldbuster Australia are water proofed and are safe to use.

The rug heaters saves lot of space, the heaters are unrolled onto a non slip rug underlay and are covered with rugs.

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