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Dry ice blasting with Cold Jet

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Dry ice blasting replaces traditional fire restoration cleaning methods. The benefits are clear: no increase of waste or water damage when dry ice blasting with Cold Jet.

Benefits of dry ice blast cleaning:

  • Avoids the mess of soda or sand blasting
  • Avoids the use of caustics and acids and the liabilities associated with chemical cleaning
  • Reduces the musty, burnt smell from fire and/or water damage
  • Eliminates secondary waste streams
  • Causes no additional water damage
  • Is safe for cleaning electrical components
  • Cleans without the surface erosion and etching caused by typical abrasive blasting

Dry ice blasting is quickly becoming a preferred cleaning method for steel and concrete superstructures, floor and ceiling bar joists, decking, and interior or exterior masonry surfaces.

Smoke, soot, vaporised synthetic resins, and char can be blasted off with no net increase of waste material or increased water damage.

Blasting with CO2 pellets has, in some circumstances, reduced or eliminated the musty burnt smell resulting from the fire, smoke and water damage.

Cold Jetting can also remove smoke, char and ash from wood in preparation for encapsulation, provided that engineers have verified the structural integrity of those construction components.

Easily remove smoke and soot from wiring, junction boxes, power panels, ductwork and plumbing.

Dry ice blasting is safe for cleaning electrical system components including motor control centers, power distribution panels, transformers, service entrance/metering panels and buss ducts.

In some cases, electrical equipment can be cleaned while energised.

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