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Dry Ice Blasting by Cold Jet Australia for the Power Generation Industry

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article image Dry ice blasting cleans power generation equipment efficiently

Dry ice blasting from Cold Jet Australia is a non-conductive, environmentally-responsible cleaning process suitable for the power generation industry to keep electrical equipment clean.  

Power generation professionals understand that clean electrical equipment leads to peak performance. However, the continuous operational demand on the equipment often leads to deferred cleaning and maintenance, resulting in reduced efficiency and outages caused by flashover.  

Dry ice blasting is a more efficient and safer way to clean critical electrical equipment while also eliminating secondary waste typically found in conventional cleaning methods.  

Cleaning power generation machines with the dry ice blasting method allows the equipment to be cleaned in-place, without cool down or disassembly. A key advantage is that the outage time typically needed for cleaning can be reduced up to 65%.  

Dry ice blasters can be used to clean power generation equipment such as turbines, compressors and generators, AC/DC motors, circuit breakers, switchgears, transformers, rotors, stators, insulators, field frames, substation isolators and bushings.  

Key benefits of dry ice blasting: 

  • Reduces catastrophic failure of equipment
  • Improves megohm readings
  • Increases polarisation indices
  • Improves thermal dissipation
  • Reduces outage time for cleaning by 65%
  • Eliminates secondary waste
  • Cleans in-place with no cool down or disassembly required
  • Non-conductive and non-abrasive cleaning
  • Environmentally responsible

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