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Cold Jet Cryogenic cleaning reduces food production equipment cleaning time by up to 60%

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A major issue for today’s food manufacturers is deploying cleaning solutions that are efficient and safe and help maintain clean, allergen free environments for continuous manufacturing.

These processes are time consuming and tedious, and generally requires the plant to shut-down production lines and allocate extensive resources to cleaning.

To stay competitive food manufacturers need to implement cleaning methods that will reduce people resources and time while still maintaining a safe, clean and allergen-free manufacturing environment.

Leading food manufacturers are turning to Cold Jet Australia ’s Cryogenics cleaning technology as the solution to these problems.

Since the technology does not involve any water it is also eliminates the concern of breeding bacteria, and the thermal shock of the process has proved exceptionally effective in the elimination of E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

Features of Cold Jet Cryogenic technology:

  • The Cold Jet Cryogenic technology uses small dry ice pellets (-80ºC), accelerated to supersonic speeds, to snap freeze contaminants on production equipment.
  • The tiny dry ice pellets then explode back to a gas and disappear; leaving nothing behind to sweep off the floor except the original contaminant.
  • Cold Jet’s Cryogenic cleaning process is also non-abrasive, and non-conductive which means the technology is being used without concern of wear and tear on equipment or damaging electronic components.
  • Cold Jet’s Cryogenic Cleaning has been effectively used in EPA, FDA and USDA inspected facilities.

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