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Colby Longspan Shelving is a light-duty system ideal for general purpose storage of items such as boxes, cartons, totes, archive files and much more.

Designed either to stand alone or be integrated with Colby's range of storage solutions, Colby Longspan Shelving is a versatile product for a wide range of light-duty storage applications in the warehouse, workshop, storage room or garage.

Why Colby Longspan Shelving?

Like all of Colby’s products, Colby Longspan has been developed and tested to ensure that it meets all relevant operational and safety standards.

It has been designed to stand alone, or can be easily integrated with the Colby range of storage solutions. Colby Longspan is a functional and purpose designed product, and it looks good. Best of all, Colby Longspan is tremendous value for money.

Colby Longspan Shelving features:

  • Strong upright section design providing secure and safe storage
  • Upright profiles that meet Australian design standards
  • Modular steel shelves available in a variety of sizes to suit differing frame widths and depths
  • Stiffeners integrated into shelves minimising deflection and providing optimum load bearing capability
  • Economical tubular step beams in depths of 60 mm and 80 mm suitable for recessed particle board or steel mesh decks
  • A beam face that protects the front edge of the shelf and displays a clean appearance
  • 3-tang connectors that fit securely into uprights, providing stiff and secure connections for longitudinal frame stability
  • A shelf design offering lengths up to 2.4 metres, while retaining strong load carrying capabilities up to 300 kg per shelf
  • Frames available in a range of depths from 450 mm to 1200 mm


From planning and design, right through maintenance and upgrades, Colby can provide the services you need to get the most out of your storage investment.

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