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Colby Storage Solutions’ warehouse layout solution and Colby Protect-a-RACK minimise damage at Westgate Logistics

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article image Colby Protect-a-RACK and warehouse layout solution at Westgate Logistics

Established to provide dry grocery distribution services to Franklins supermarkets throughout NSW, Westgate Logistics were designed for high volume and high throughput operations.

Colby Protect-a-RACKs, available from Colby Storage Solutions , have been installed at Westgate Logistics. According to Terry Wicks, Manager of Westgate Logistics, over the past 12 months, Westgate Logistics have experienced minimal rack damage and enjoyed a safer workplace. This was possible because of Colby Storage Solutions’ smart warehouse layout.

With rack damage being a common occurrence in such high velocity DCs, Colby Storage Solutions recommended the use of Protect-a-RACK to enhance OH&S in the facility as well as minimise the on-going rack maintenance costs.

The structural integrity of a rack could be compromised, thereby creating a potential safety hazard. Westgate Logistics have used Colby Storage Solutions’ Protect-a-RACKs to fit their 30,000 pallet warehouse.

Westgate Logistics have taken Colby Storage Solutions’ advice for designing the warehouse layout.

Westgate Logistics wanted to maximise their storage capacity, operational flexibility and functionality, which led to Colby Storage Solutions recommending wider than normal aisle widths for the forklift operations.

Colby Storage Solutions utilised their exclusive rack design software RACKMAN to evaluate the impact that moving to wider aisles would have on the total storage capacity of the facility.

While Westgate Logistics’ total storage capacity was reduced by about 5% by opting for larger aisle widths, the increased productivity and safety they created compensated more for the small loss in cubic utilisation.

The forklift drivers do not need to worry about bumping into racks when they are manoeuvring in aisles and can get on with their job more efficiently.

Westgate Logistics began distributing dry groceries to Franklins network of supermarkets in NSW in February 2005. Westgate Logistics are the providers of third party warehouse services in Australia. The company operates 18 modern and secure facilities providing over 300,000 square metres of warehouse space across Australia.

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