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Colby Protect-a-RACK boosts OH&S at Westgate Logistics

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article image Colby Protect-a-RACKs and warehouse layout at Westgate Logistics

Westgate Logistics have utilised Colby Protect-a-RACKs to assist in OH&S and to decrease rack damage. According to Terry Wicks, Manager of Westgate Logistics, they have experienced minimal rack damage and have a safer workplace due to the Protect-a-RACKs and Colby Storage Solutions ’ smart warehouse layout.

With rack damage a common occurrence in high velocity DCs, Colby recommended the use of Protect-a-RACKs to enhance OH&S in the facility, as well as to minimise on-going rack maintenance costs.

Westgate Logistics accepted Colby’s recommendation to fit out their 30,000 pallet warehouse with Protect-a-RACKs. As they wanted to maximise their storage capacity, operational flexibility and functionality, Colby recommended wider than normal aisle widths for forklift operations in the warehouse.

Colby Storage Solutions also utilised their rack design software RACKMAN to evaluate the impact that moving to wider aisles would have on the total storage capacity of the facility.

Wicks added that while their total storage capacity was reduced by about 5% due to generous aisle widths, the increased productivity and safety compensated for the small loss in cubic utilisation.

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