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Fire resistant and thermostable fabrics from Colan

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Colan Products weaves inherently fire resistant and thermostable fabrics from a range of fibres, including aromatic polyamide, generically known as aramid.

Garments made from aramid fabrics present the optimum solution for protection against fire and a variety of chemicals, offering vital extra seconds protection that could save lives.

Colan’s research and development and sales teams work in co-ordination with its garment manufacturing partners to make available the more effective products to the Australian and International marketplace.

Aramid fibres can be woven to make 100% aramid fabrics or blended with other fire resistant materials. This allows the possibility of creating fabric blends specially designed to cater for specific tasks.

Fabric weight and construction may vary depending on the end-use. Colan weaves an array of aramid blends.

Fabric blends are constructed in specific ratios and weight tailor-made for protection against specific hazards and climates. The percentage of aramid may vary depending on the required performance level needed.

Common users of fire resistant fabric are fire fighters, oil and gas industry employees, electrical utilities personnel, military forces and police Special Forces.

Garments made from fabrics derived from aramid offer the following advantages:

  • Inherently flame resistant
  • Thermostable
  • Does not melt, does not form molten droplets
  • Good protection against heat
  • Mechanical strength of aramid fibre
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Solution dyed: good colourfastness to light and laundering
  • Good resistance against many chemicals
  • Easy to blend with other fire retardant fibres
  • Low pilling (good appearance over time)
  • Easy care and
  • Outstanding softness

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