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Colan Products develops ballistic systems

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Fibre types:

Different fibres and fabric styles for different applications.

Para aramid for bullet proof vests - lightness and flexibility for personal protection vests provide high level of comfort.

Para aramid for military helmets - lightweight, good ballistic performance gives optimum protection.

S-2 glass - Lower cost, laminated panels for vehicle ballistic protection at similar weight to para aramid.

E glass - low cost laminated panels for bank panels or shipboard protection where weight is not a consideration.

Joint development policy:

Colan Products is continuously developing ballistic systems for specific applications.

Colan weaves the fabric, make the test panels and carry out shooting tests, all in Australia, to match the ballistic properties to those required.

Colan works in a partnership arrangement to help customers obtain an ideal product with maximised Australian content.


  • Bullet proof vests
  • Military helmets
  • Military fragmentation vests
  • Spall liners for military vehicles and ships
  • Protection of ship board ordnance magazines

Bullet proof panels for:

  • Military vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Ships
  • Money carrying vehicles
  • VIP vehicles
  • Banks or money handling premises

Recent projects using Colan ballistic systems:

  • Combat helmets for Australian army
  • Fragmentation vests for Australian Air Force
  • Spall liners for M113 personnel carriers
  • Fragmentation vests for Australian Army
  • Protection of ordnance magazine on Huon class Minehunters. Colan also supplied the woven fibreglass from which the hulls were fabricated
  • Bullet proof vests which are both tactical and covert to Police Services in Australia and overseas.

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