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Stainless steel extreme environment camera

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DVT Machine Vision has released the stainless steel extreme environment Legend XE high speed camera.

The new camera system is configured in a stainless steel case that is suitable for FDA-regulated wash-down environments.

The Legend XE includes the Legend 550 camera, which features Texas Instruments DSP technology and increased memory, operating at speeds up to eight times faster than DVT's high-speed Legend 540.

The Legend XE is an extreme environment machine vision system that achieves an IP68 rating for dust, wash-down, and corrosion protection, making it suitable for harsh, wash-down environments, common in the food processing industry, or other high humidity environments.

"We've hit the 'sweet 16' level," Bob Steinke, chairman and CEO of DVT, said.

"We now offer 16 machine vision cameras - the broadest range of fully integrated machine vision systems in the industry. As the sophistication and diversity of inspection applications grow, we will grow accordingly.

“The machine vision industry worldwide is on the move and DVT will continue to lead the way."

To demonstrate the ruggedness and water-resistant characteristics of the new camera, the Legend XE will be submerged in a saltwater tank at DVT's Vision Show later this year.

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