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Machine vision system enhancements

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article image VisionPro -- new interactive tools.

COGNEX Corporation has announced significant new features to its VisionPro machine vision systems that accelerate the development of PC-based machine vision solutions for automated inspection and quality assurance applications.

Cognex senior VP Marilyn Matz said VisionPro's new interactive tools made it fast and easy to evaluate, implement, and deploy multi-camera applications without programming.

"With VisionPro, customers can maintain the power and flexibility of a fully programmable PC vision system, yet significantly reduce setup time and development cost.

“VisionPro provides a vision development environment with something for everyone . . . interactive drag and drop, .NET scripting, and a full programming toolkit."

VisionPro now offers a complete set of interactive tools for creating vision applications without programming:

* The QuickBuild environment quickly defines image acquisition, vision tools, and accept/reject criteria.

* The Communications Explorer sends inspection results to input/output lines and communication devices, such as PLCs or reject mechanisms.

* Optional Scripting extends QuickBuild without programming the entire application.

* The Application Wizard automatically generates a runtime application with an operator interface in a matter of minutes.

Ross Rawlings, president & CEO of Radix Controls, a systems integrator based in Windsor, Ontario said VisionPro allowed integrators to better leverage their industry and application knowledge by quickly developing applications and seamlessly integrating their own custom tools.

"With VisionPro we can more easily tailor application-specific solutions to end-user specifications, exposing only the functionality required for configuring and monitoring runtime operation."

VisionPro is a PC-based system for system integrators, machine builders, OEMs, and advanced manufacturing engineers.

In addition to rapid application development, VisionPro also provides industry leading vision tools, and supports a wide range of acquisition hardware to offer an extensive range of price/performance options for virtually all types of image capture.

VisionPro 4.1 is currently available, and will be continually enhanced with new productivity tools throughout 2006.

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