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DVT has released the Legend 542C and 544C SmartImage colour machine vision sensors, adding flexibility and power to many inspection applications. The sensors are Ethernet-ready and support RGB, Optical Density, CIE LAB DeltaE and CIE LCH DeltaEcmc colour spaces.

The sensors perform a number of colour inspections in a range of industries. They can be used in the automotive industry to automatically check proper placement of colour-coded fuses in the car's fusebox. In the packaging industry they can be used to inspect print and decorations in full colour. In food processing they can verify the colour of fruits and vegetables and in the electronics industry they can verify the sequence of coloured wires and components on circuit boards. Other uses include finding colour defects, finding and measuring print register errors and monitoring the consistency of colour and measuring its variation. Colour SmartImage sensors can be added to any point on the manufacturing line where colour inspection is required, for thousands of dollars less than traditional colour inspection systems.

The 542C has a resolution of 640 x 480. A mega-pixel (1280 x 1024) version of the unit, the Model 544C, will also be available. Purchase includes New Intellect user-interface software and free training through an interactive CD-ROM, a local workshop or on DVT’s training website.

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