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Cognex readers selected by aerospace supplier

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article image DataMan 7500 handheld ID reader.

COGNEX Corporation has received an order in excess of a quarter of a million dollars from a leading supplier to the aerospace industry. The customer has purchased Cognex's DataMan 7500 handheld ID readers for a major project requiring part traceability.

Cognex's DataMan ID Readers are designed to quickly and reliably read codes, including barcodes and two-dimensional codes, that have been stamped, scribed, etched or printed directly on the surfaces of manufactured goods.

By marking each item with a unique and permanent identifying code, each part can be tracked throughout its entire life cycle starting from the parts manufacturer who tracks the parts through production, warehousing and shipping, to their customers who track the parts through assembly, distribution, and in their repair depots around the world.

This particular aerospace industry supplier will use the Cognex DataMan ID readers to identify and track jet engine turbine blades for internal process control purposes, and to comply with Department of Defense regulations which now require that unique and permanent identifying marks be placed on every item that is serialised, mission critical or which has a value greater than $5,000.

"Reading codes that are directly marked on the surfaces of manufactured goods (known as Direct Part Marking or DPM) is a fast-growing application area for machine vision," Cognex's CEO Dr Robert J. Shillman said.

"The semiconductor industry has for many years relied on Cognex vision systems to track silicon wafers through the chip fabrication process, and recently, both the automotive and aerospace industries have started to purchase Cognex readers in volume as they, too, recognise the benefits of part traceability."

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