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Coffey Environments completes Australia’s first groundwater remediation treatment

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Coffey Environments  recently completed Australia's first groundwater remediation treatment using an innovative chemical amendment injection technology called Primawave, designed for the treatment of contaminated groundwater.

Specialists from environmental services provider, Coffey Environments, used this technology to inject more than 12,000 litres of chemical oxidant fluid at a Sydney gas station. Previous injection efforts at this site’s groundwater aquifer had only delivered approximately 2,000 litres over a similar timeframe.

Coffey Environments global leader, David Browne says the company is excited to be leading the way in the introduction of such cutting edge groundwater remediation technology in Australia.

"Our clients from the petrochemical industry will benefit from more efficient site remediation programs, reduced costs and timeframes to improve their environmental performance,” says Browne.

Coffey Environments has signed a licensing agreement with leading North American environmental, social and safety performance consultancy company, Wavefront Technology Solutions, to access the Primawave technology to enhance its contaminated land remediation services. Wavefront Technology Solutions is currently the sole licensed provider of this chemical amendment injection technology in the Asia Pacific region.

Primawave relies on a patented pulsed injection method to improve fluid distribution within the subsurface of a contaminated site. The technology not only enhances the delivery rate and distribution of the injected amendments to be up to five times faster; it also increases the radius of influence thus reducing the risk of chemical daylighting, a common problem in the injection of chemical amendments.

According to senior principal at Coffey Environments contaminated land practice, David Lam, this technology will significantly enhance chemical injection efficiency in a range of geological settings, reducing the costs and timeframes of achieving site remediation objectives.

Coffey Environments are confident that this pulsed injection method will improve the efficiency of chemical amendment injection, which has been widely recognised as a more sustainable groundwater remediation technology in many circumstances.

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