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Wide range of card key locks from Codalok

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Codalok  offers card lock series that uses RFID card technology to bring a new level of security to the environment. The RFID card lock series is ideal for hotels, universities, military and other facilities where high quality security is a priority.

Codalok offers Xtronic 3000 series which is a lever handle automatic code-changing locks. The locks are operated with geo-magnetic powercard and do not require any batteries or wiring. The locks have multiple master key levels, in-house card encoding and deadlocking latch. The locks can accommodate a wide range of backset lengths.

Codalok provides Trisec 700 series which are card key locks and are designed for narrow stile aluminium and glass doors. The card key locks can be used for all door applications and is excellent for external use in harsh environments.

Codalok offers deadbolts and deadlatches which are available as both single and double cylinder featuring heavy duty housing, key-hold-in and free-spinning knobs. Codalok offers deadbolt 400 series which are heavy duty, vandal resistant and are adaptable to most rim locks and deadbolts. The deadbolt series is available in satin chrome finish.

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