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Codalok  offers a wide range of key locks that are designed for simple and quick installation. Some of the key locks can be retrofitted to existing locksets that are already installed.

Codalokk offers Trisec series which includes stainless steel Corkeys, plastic Corkeys and coding equipment. The stainless steel Corkeys accept invisible coded magnetic data and are not affected by heat, cold, water or impact. The keys are highly resistant to external magnetic fields and can be erased for re-coding. The keys are designed to be carried on a key chain without tearing pockets or purse. Plastic Corkeys have similar coding characteristics as steel keys and are economically priced. The plastic Corkeys can also be custom printed and numbered and are suitable for hotels, clubs and parking systems. Each Trisec lock contains three independent codes. Two of the codes can be changed innumerable times without disassembling the lock. The two codes are variable codes while the third code determines in which building, floor and door the lock is located.

Codalokk provides large encoding and re-keying kit which contains all types of tools and fixtures needed to code CorKeys and change codes in CorKey locks. The kit is available with self-teaching instruction book, code format cards and spare parts.

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