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Bar code generators, decoders and barcode print modules from Cobra Systems

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Cobra Systems  offers barcode print modules that is a platform-independent and compact device that add features like automatic barcode printing to any PCL4 compatible printer. Barcodes can be added to any documents without affecting the printer because it comes with a simple embedded design. The latest version of barcode print modules from Cobra Systems namely BCM3417 and BCM3000 are designed to offer simple solutions for producing barcodes from any printer, platform or document. The barcoded documents can be printed professionally in-house using the barcode print modules from Cobra Systems. This product is suitable for use with ERP software such SAGE and SAP.

Cobra Systems offers decoders which are available in two different models. The Cipherlab Tiny11 decoder from Cobra Systems has attained popularity as it is durable and easy to install. This decoder also comes with support editing and cloning modes. This model of decoder from Cobra Systems is designed to support both magnetic stripe readers and barcode slot readers.

Cobra Systems offer bar code generators. The generators are available in three different models. The BCM3417 model has been designed to print symbols on any label printers or compatible laser. This model also offers connection to network or PC upgrades, host-attached terminals and upgrades it with bar code capability.

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