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Leisure and sports products and prototyping services from CobaltNiche Design

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CobaltNiche Design  offers its clients with concept design services that include deciding upon the ergonomic, styling and functional layout of the office and other similar places. Prototyping services are also offered by CobaltNiche Design which includes near-final rapid prototypes as well as semi-engineered mock-ups.

CobaltNiche Design offers a wide range of in-house prototyping, modelling and engineering services as well. CobaltNiche Design designs and assembles even complex assemblies and shapes. This includes finite element analysis, product design engineering, and mechanical engineering, tooling referrals and management, industrial design, production management and finished part supply, prototype construction and management and so on.

CobaltNiche Design uses high end technology and offers the various services to its customers. The various sectors that are provide with service by CobaltNiche Design include sports, electronics, homeware, consumables, capital equipment, packaging and so on.

The sports and leisure products are sensitive to fashion and changes in the trend and hence CobaltNiche Design uses computer and engineering aided modelling techniques and designs and then creates the various sports products. CobaltNiche Design offers Lockclip, which is a coupling device and this can be used for connecting to a line or loop in various applications such as cave driving and mountaineering.

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