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Coates Hire sheds light on anchor bolt load testing using hydraulic cylinders

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article image Two Enerpac RC50 hydraulic cylinders were used to load test anchor bolts of lighting poles
Coates Hire  devised an innovative solution for the load testing of anchor bolts used to hold down the lighting poles at a newly constructed car park in Sydney.

Jag Tech, the electrical contractor on the project at the new two-storey commuter car park near Mount Druitt railway station in Sydney’s western suburbs was required to load test the hold-down bolts for the car park’s lighting poles to ensure they could meet the 2-tonne load-holding specification.

After drilling holes in the concrete slab, Jag Tech set the anchor bolts into the slab using a fast-curing mortar. The 6m lighting poles that the bolts would restrain weighed 250kg each, requiring the load test to be performed to prove that the mortar and bolt would hold for the long term.

Jag Tech Director Dave Short contacted Coates Hire for assistance since the load testing was outside its area of expertise.

Michael Broome, National Product Manager – Lift & Shift at Coates Hire had worked with Jag Tech on a number of previous jobs, and had already been involved on the car park project assisting with the cable hauling work.

After initially considering using a hollow core cylinder, Michael finally decided to use two smaller Enerpac RC50 hydraulic cylinders instead. A plate was placed on the thread, secured with a nut, and then jacked up with the two low height cylinders from beneath the plate. The two 5 tonne-rated RC50 cylinders effectively provided a 10 tonne capacity at 10,000 psi, which at 20% of their 10 tonne rating achieved the 2 tonne, or 20kN test specification required.

Michael ran both cylinders to a two-way manifold, which had a pressure gauge on it, and a manual Enerpac P80 hand pump.

The load testing proves that Coates Hire’s services go beyond mere equipment hire to providing complete solutions.

According to Dave Short from Jag Tech, Coates Hire not only gave him the solution but also provided complete drawings that he could send to his client.

Equipped with a combination of technical sales people and engineering services, Michael says Coates Hire is uniquely positioned to provide customers with a one-stop solution.

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