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BarrierGuard 800 steel road barriers available from Coates Hire

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article image These lightweight steel barriers are quick and easy to transport and install on site

Now available from Coates Hire is the versatile BarrierGuard 800 vehicle restraint system.

The BG800 is a temporary, steel barrier system has been designed to be rapidly deployed at road works and other applications where barriers conforming to TL4 are required.

The barriers are approved to TL4 level by every Australian state road authority.

These versatile temporary barriers have been designed to offer drivers a significantly increased of recovering control of the wheel. They work to both absorb the impact of crashes as well as to contain the vehicle.

These temporary barriers are useful for a variety of vehicle restraint applications, including:

  • temporary road works barrier
  • road construction
  • road maintenance
  • long term construction sites
  • one day events
  • structures that cannot bare the weight of concrete barriers
The barriers consist of a series of single 6 metre long prefabricated elements. Two of these elements are factory bolted together to provide 6 and 12 metre long sections. Other features include:
  • male and female Quicklink connectors
  • quick and easy to erect and install
  • unlimited permissible length
  • barrier attains performance characteristics through self-weight and torsion rigidity
  • can be deployed as either single or double sided barriers
  • flexible steel design
  • impressive crash test results
  • can contain a 7500kg truck at a speed of 50km/h impacting at 45°
  • can contain a 13000kg bus impacting at 20° at a speed of 70km/h.
  • easily transportable
  • mass of only 90kg per metre (significantly lighter than concrete barriers)
  • lower occupant risk thanks to steel’s crash dynamics
  • traffic-flow benefits due to 110km/h safety rating
  • improved motorcyclist safety
  • smooth surface with no gaps, wire rope or protruding bolts
  • no need to fill with water
  • reduced environmental impact
  • available with approved crash cushion end terminals
  • approved by all Australian state governments.
Contact Coates Hire for more information about the Barrier Guard flexible steel barriers.

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