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Installation of electronic security systems by Coastcom Group

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Coastcom Group  offers backup systems that user digital dialer technology. This technology is arrived at relying upon standard telephone lines. Once the telephone line is disconnected, a system reverts to a local alarm. In the present world, high alarm communications are being used in most of the companies.

Coastcom Group has affiliated with Security Firms and together they offer alarm responses services in and around Australia.

Coastcom Group offers various monitoring packages to its customers. This includes platinum package, gold package and bronze package. The platinum package contains of a weekly security patrol free alarm responses, weekly bin retrieval and so on. The bronze package is an economical package and it comes with free key holding and free alarm responses.

Coastcom Group is said to specialise in the installation of small commercial as well as domestic electronic security systems. Alarm monitoring services offered by Coastcom Group is a back to back system that alerts the team of Coastcom Group if something has gone wrong in the workplace of the clients. Coastcom Group also offers maintenance and servicing of the alarm systems either directly by its team or through a national protection system.

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