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Reverse pulse dust collectors and automotive air jacks from Clyde Apac

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Clyde Apac  is said to be one of the leading suppliers of automotive products that includes components and jack assemblies. This is supplied to the passenger motor vehicle market around the globe. Clyde Apac is committed in manufacture and encompasses systems like TQC, MRP2, and JIT and so on, so as to offer quality products on a constant basis to the customers.

The products of Clyde Apac are manufactured and produced under QS-9000 and ISO-9001 standards. The automotive jacks are supplied to a wide customer base that includes Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Mazda, Ford, Subaru and so on.

Clyde Apac is also engaged in producing value added assemblies and machined components, metal pressings and welded sub assemblies to the OEM market. In order to support its engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Clyde Apac has extensive metrology and testing facilities.

Clyde Apac offers Minipulse, which is a self contained reverse pulse dust collector. This product is designed and manufactured complying with the O.C.H.S standards. It has been designed such that the filters can be easily reached through an access door. These dust collectors can be used for application in foundries, pharmaceutical industry, wood working, metal working and welding fume filtration and extraction.

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