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Recirculating fume cabinets and drug safety cabinets from Clyde Apac

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Clyde Apac  offers Cytogard cytotoxic drug safety cabinets that can be used as a barrier against exposure to the aerosols present while dispensing, manipulating or preparing cytotoxic drugs. The cabinets can be used to protect the drugs from being prepared in an environment with biological contamination. Alternatively, the drug safety cabinets from Clyde Apac can also be used for protect the cabinet maintenance personnel for any harmful residue of drug particles that can contaminate the medical components, fans and filters.

Made by electro-galvanised steel, the cabinets from Clyde Apac come with its joints welded. In order to allow proper cleaning to the underside without removing it from the cabinet, the cabinets come with a removable work tray. The cabinets from Clyde Apac are equipped with boost mode and alarm, which is activated automatically when the viewing window is opened.

The cabinets from Clyde Apac also come with low voltage touch control feature and hourmeter in order to record the operating time.

LFC60 is a recirculating fume cabinet from Clyde Apac. This has been designed to provide safety to the operators and can be ideally be used in laboratory applications. The RFC model of recirculating fume cabinets from Clyde Apac has been designed for installation in trolley, optional floor stand and on standard laboratory bench tops.

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