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Clearmake 's relaunched website underlines our commitment to setting new standards for online consulting and communication in the water industry.

The site is powered by an extensive database to drive the online consulting WIZARD which allows end users and engineers to find solutions based on their specific needs.

"After intensive analysis of the specific needs of our end customers and the engineering community, we designed the site so it would provide the best experience and results for both worlds" says Brent Lenehan, Clearmake's Managing Director.

"We wanted to move forward from the show and tell websites which are common in the industry and therefore offer a site which

• is easy to navigate

• helps the visitor to identify solutions

• based on clearly identified needs for the two very different ends of the market (Engineers and End users)

• is available 24/7 as your online consultant

• has all relevant documents, specifications and drawings attached

and is a strong interface to communicate effectively with Clearmake' engineers and consultative team.

I am pleased to say that we have achieved exactly this".

Today's relaunch is the result of six months of intensive research and preparation and 6 months of design, programming and implementation. Clearmake has chosen Brisbane based EMU DESIGN to bring from conception to completion the website with great results. They have helped to bring the complex waste water world into an easy to navigate and highly functional website. Thanks Emu!

The Clearmake Waste Water Portal offers two distinctive entries

• The Resource Centre (Water Experts and Engineers)

• The Customer Service Centre (End users)

Engineers and Water Experts who know what they are looking for get direct access to the relevant product information and related documents. End users are being guided through a simple questionnaire (the wizard) and based on their entries get presented with a list of possible solutions (matching their request). A general search feature helps any visitor to the site to find relevant content quickly and conveniently.

Engineers can request registration and access to AutoCAD drawings which they can then use in their own drawings/plans.

Visitors can add products to a shopping basket and request a quotation online.

"I am absolutely fascinated by the clear and efficient structure of the new website. It is a great tool for all people interested in waste water" says Sam Agnello from GSE Distributors in Perth.

"Clearmake are always a leader in the field and with their new website, they show once again why they are the best team to be associated with when it comes to Industrial Waste Water solutions," says Ted Winterbottom, RUSSCO Agencies, Townsville.

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