Cleanawater specialises in the manufacturing and installation of water efficiency systems including Wash Water Recycling Systems, Oil, Water and Solid Separators, Oil Skimmers and First Flush Systems.
Their extensive range of products and services include water treatment and water treatment systems, oil skimmers, separators, oil separators, first flush Systems, first flush diverters, oil and water separators, car wash recycled water equipment, ... + View more


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08/09/11 - OiL MiSER oil skimmers from H2O Cleanawater are designed to efficiently and effectively remove surface oil generated from various industrial processes.
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07/09/11 - H2O Cleanawater presents an award-winning range of water recycling systems engineered for vehicle and industrial equipment wash down applications.
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06/09/11 - Water treatment specialist H2O Cleanawater presents a range of first flush diversion systems designed to divert water between sewers and stormwater drains when required.
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05/09/11 - H2O Cleanawater presents their award winning Oil Separators, which are engineered to remove oil, grease and suspended solids from waste water.
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