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Smart environmental solutions from Clean TeQ

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Clean TeQ  is a mining and environmental services group in Australia. It provides different types of environmental solutions. It introduces innovative technologies for air purification, water purification and resource recovery purposes. Clean TeQ is involved in the development, commercialization and selling of these technologies.

The wide range of environmental solutions from Clean TeQ includes, Air purification, water purification, resource recovery and resins. Clean TeQ utilizes advanced technologies for air purification, which includes BioTrickling Filters, BioFiltration, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Fluidized Bed Scrubbers and Activated Carbon Systems. These technologies can effectively control the odour and Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.s) form the air and provides purified air to the people.

The Clean TeQ also focuses on water purification. Water purification is achieved through safe and cost effective technologies like Clean iX Ion exchange systems, membrane processes (MF, UF, RO & MBR), UV disinfection, filtration with Salsnes and membrane filters.

The clean TeQ plays a vital role in the mining industry. The Clean TeQ is involved in Resource recovery processes. It uses the new technologies like the Clean-iX cLX (continuous liquid extraction), Ion exchange resins and cRIP (continuous resin-in-pulp).The Ion exchange resins are also available in Clean TeQ, that can be used for the extraction of minerals.

Clean TeQ is an Australian environmental and mining services group focused on developing, commercializing and selling air purification, resource recovery and water purification technologies.

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