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Hydrogen sulphide odour control filters

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THE Clean TeQ BioTrickling filter (BTF) system, using naturally occurring bacteria, converts hydrogen sulphide to an odourless by-product, at 50% life cycle cost of competing technologies.

Hydrogen sulphide is a highly odorous gas that is the root cause of costly structural damage, safety issues and odour nuisance.

Industries that have problems include wastewater treatment and transfer systems, wet blue tanneries, and quenching operations in smelters.

Conventional treatment methods such as chemical scrubbing and activated carbon are under pressure due to high operating costs, safety and the environmental impacts.

Clean TeQ BioTrickling filters are able to:

* Remove 99%+ hydrogen sulphide.

* Treat up to 1000ppm hydrogen sulphide.

* Operate without the use of hazardous chemicals.

* Be installed on a very small footprint.

* Treat up to 40,000 m3/h airflow in a single unit.

The technology can be retro-fitted to an existing chemical scrubber and provide a substantial reduction in operating cost through lower chemical and power consumption.

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