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Range of oil driven centrifuges available from Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd

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article image The range of oil driven centrifuges includes models to fit all sizes of diesel engines

Centrifuge oil cleaning is a well tried and proven method for maintaining oil in pristine condition, in any lubrication situation. The most common cause of wear in a machine is from the contamination particles which build up and are carried in the oil.

Oil filters only remove particles depending on the integrity of their filter medium. For example most engine oil filters are rated at around 30µm; hence any particles smaller than 30µm remain in circulation throughout the remaining life of the oil. The same applies for hydraulic systems which are commonly around 10µm.

These remaining particles are the major cause of component wear and cause unchecked abrasive wear whilst our equipment operates, which is the main cause of machinery wearing out.

Centrifuges have a high-speed spinning canister which, due to centrifugal forces generated by the spinning motion, creates enormous gravitational forces inside the rotor where the more dense contamination particles are forced to move to the outside parameters of the rotor, where they are trapped and stored for removal at cleaning.

Consequently the centrifuge is not limited, as a filter is, to removing particles down to a certain size level, and in fact centrifuges do remove particles to sub micron levels, providing the particle is denser than the oil. They are proven to move soot and maintain reduced levels of blackness in diesel engine oil.

With centrifuges fitted to the engine, the soot, contamination and wear particles are constantly being removed – the result is reduced engine wear, as the oil is constantly being cleaned, whilst the engine operates as the centrifuge rotor is driven off the engine’s oil system.

By fitting the centrifuge to the engine which operates to clean the oil whenever the engine is running, we prevent soot and particles from building up in the oil. This poses the question; why do we want to change the oil? Is not the main reason for changing oil to remove the particles and flush them from the engine?

If the oil is proven to carry low particle numbers; the viscosity is found to remain in grade; the Base reserve remains within limits; why do we need to change the oil?

In fact, with today’s advanced oil technology, oil life can be extended indefinitely provided the above parameters are carefully monitored through a well controlled monitoring analysis program. We also need to watch closely for diesel dilution, dust ingression and coolant contamination which is mandatory for practising extended oil drain.

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd 's  range of oil driven centrifuges are available to fit all sizes of diesel engines from the 4 cylinder diesel, as in the Hilux, to the large earthmoving dump truck engines and can be fitted to any brand of diesel engine.

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd centrifuges have been especially modified with its own enhanced rotor design, which provides a more efficient and higher rotor speed than any other centrifuge currently on the market, and which enhances the removal of particles and increases rotor efficiency.

Most engine manufacturers endorse the use of oil driven centrifuges and together with Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd's monitoring program, oil life can be extended many fold depending on engine condition.

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