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Portable oil cleaning system from Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd

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article image With Clean Oil Services’ new system, the useful life of lubricants can be greatly extended

A portable centrifugal oil cleaning system, developed by Townsville-based company Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd , has the potential to revolutionise oil lubricating practices worldwide, according to the developer.

Mining and industrial machinery, motor vehicles and motor bikes, all have one thing in common - they use oil for lubrication, which is changed on a regular basis.

With Clean Oil Services’ new system, the useful life of lubricants can be greatly extended. In some cases indefinitely, the company claims.
The project was supported with a $52,000 Australian Government Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) grant through its business unit AusIndustry.

A COMET business advisor assisted with development of a business and marketing plan, intellectual property and commercialising the product.
The system is a unique design that utilises the technology of centrifugal particle removal together with a vacuum dehydration unit for removal of water.
The resultant oil filtration unit is capable of cleaning heavy gear oils without any reduction of flow rates of the filter.

Advantages include the absence of any major drive parts which could wear out, as the centrifuge is oil driven. There are no ongoing operating costs as in replacement elements and components are simply washed, re-assembled and re-used.

The unit can also operate on a dialysis basis, cleaning the oil in a machine compartment while the machine is operating, to achieve higher cleanliness levels than would have been achieved by changing the oil.

The portability of the unit allows for easy placement at the site of the compartment to be cleaned and can also be used as a new oil dispenser. No operator training is required as the unit is simple to operate.

A Fullers Earth filter unit can be added to the standard unit to remove acids from oils, although the Fullers Earth filter unit does require replacement elements.

Lubrication Management is becoming a critical part of maintenance regimes due to increasing operating costs and environmental pressures. With a small amount of care, the life of the oil as well as the oil condition can be greatly enhanced, effectively decreasing the wear particles present and thereby increasing the life of the machinery.

Traditionally it has been necessary to change oil at regular scheduled intervals and then dispose of the used oil, however, Clean Oil Services new system will significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent by industry by changing the whole concept of current lubrication practices.

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