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Condition monitoring service by Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd

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Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd   was started in 1994 by Bob and Robyn Smith in North Queensland.  Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd offers an oil based condition monitoring service supplying accurate and reliable results with a fast turnaround. When the oil analysis test results indicate that there is a potential problem with your equipment or lubricant it is vital that the information be communicated as soon as possible to avert machine damage or breakdown.  Many oil analysis providers take a couple of weeks to report on their findings which in many instances can be too late to assist with maintenance issues.

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd employs the latest technology to achieve high quality reliable results. The methodology used by Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd is designed to suit all situations from the cleanest aircraft to the dirtiest gearbox with a standard scale.  Microscopic and wear debris analysis is performed for every oil sample and together with Spectrographic analysis shows the type and size of particle contamination, the condition of the oil and the elemental composition of any wear metals present.

The focus of Clean Oil Services is on condition improvement, through identifying the contamination and causes of wear problems and recommending solutions to rectify these issues.  The end result is a cleaner operating environment and reduced wear with extended oil life.

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd provides a high quality technical service to monitor oil and machine life and becomes a proactive member of your maintenance team.

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