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Centrifugal oil filtration systems from Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd

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Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd   condition monitoring service starts with oil analysis. Condition monitoring encompasses monitoring oil condition and performance, machine condition and wear, identifying contamination problems specific to site, enabling more efficient maintenance planning, changing oil on condition, and the baseline for overall site improvement.

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd manufactures and supplies the range of Lubemaster Oil Filtration Equipment.  The Lubemaster products utilise the oil driven centrifuge together with vacuum dehydration to achieve much higher cleanliness levels than other systems. These innovative oil filtration systems keep the oil in perfect operating condition and extend machine life. Changing oil does not guarantee complete removal of contamination as it does not flush the contaminants out of the hoses and plumbing of equipment. Lubemaster oil filtration systems remove particles to submicron size as well as removing all three types of water contamination (free, emulsified and molecularly bonded).

Free air in a gearbox can be exchanged four times a day due to temperature changes which causes contaminants in the air such as dust and water to be carried into the system.  This is a major source of contamination to any lubricated compartment.  Traditional Breathers often consist of scourer pad material which does not filter the air or prevent the water from entering the gearbox.  It is critical to monitor and remove the contamination from any lubricated compartment to prevent machine wear or premature failure.

Lubemaster Oil Filtration equipment cleans fuels and all grades of oil at full flow rate and can clean the oil while the host machine continues operations.  

In the current economic climate and with environmental considerations becoming more and more critical it makes sense to look after our lubricants through monitoring and oil filtration.

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